Outreach Initiatives
Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

Outreach Department.

The Outreach department was created in the year 2012. The department creates opportunities for building academic relations with film schools across the globe and having a dynamic exchange organizing faculty enrichment programmes. Students are encourage to visit foreign film school and gain knowledge in their respective specialization. Teachers are encouraged to enhance their abilities and enrich their knowledge in their subject domain. Sharing of best practices between faculty members propels the teaching learning process at the FTII. Providing impetus to events, organizing women oriented forums and student support are the other role performed by the department. FTII has MOUs with reputed film schools such as FAMU, La FEMIS, IFS centro Cinematografico, llumina, Griffith University, GFF , Potsdam to name a few. There is an ongoing relationship with several other schools across the globe too. Students from various universities and film school have been spending time at the FTII learning skills, engaging in film studies and watching films as part of their academic goals. For the FTII student community, the outreach department regularly posts information about festivals and other learning platforms from which they could benefits, over and above their training at the FTII. Recently, FTII has signed an agreement with the Mexican Film Institute to initiate student and faculty exchange , as well as artistic collaboration.


Details of MOU

Country Min./Deptt. Involved Brief objectives of MOUs
Year of initial signing Validity period/ tenure Outcomes achieved
Czech Republic Film & Television Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (FAMU) Mutual exchange. Free movers' programme 28.08.2006 Renewed in 2013 for 5 years 5 outgoing students.
2 incoming students.
France École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l'Image et du Son, Paris ( La FEMIS) Mutual short term exchange:3-5 weeks     4 outgoing
2 incoming
Germany The ifs internationale filmschule köln (IFS, Cologne)

Mutual exchange: short term, semester exchange
14.07.2014   1 incoming
Mexico Escuela Superior de Cine y Multimedia ILUMINA, Monterrey, Mexico Mutual exchange 22.05.2014 5 year MOU

'A film based on collaboration is ongoing.'

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Australia Griffith University, Queensland Mutual exchange 29.09.2008 Revived in 2014 4 outgoing (prior to 2013)
Germany Media University of Stuttgart Mutual exchange 2007-2008 Revived in 2014  
Germany Filmuniversitat Babelsberg Konrad Wolf (HFF, Potsdam) Mutual exchange 2009-2014
  1 outgoing
1 incoming
United Kingdom The Arts University College of Bournemouth (AUCB) Mutual exchange 2009-2014   4 outgoing
8 incoming, plus 3 faculty members
Germany Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz Mutual exchange 2011-2015    
Kenya Mohd. Amin Foundation, Nairobi (Polar meets Solar) Mutual exchange 02.09.2003   11 outgoing
24 incoming
Germany Hochschule Fur Gestaltung Offenbach Mutual exchange
Cuba The International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Banos (EICTV) Mutual exchange 2009-2014   1 outgoing
Japan Chiba university, Chiba Mutual exchange 2009-2014    
United Kingdom Leeds Metropolitan University
Mutual exchange