The Uniqueness of the Indian Film Script

50 years of the Film & TV Institute of India, Pune
FTII and the Film Writers Association present

A Seminar on

‘The Uniqueness of the Indian Film Script’

FTII, Pune, August 28-29, 2010

National Film Archive of India, Law College Road,  Pune – 411 004.

In collaboration with the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune, the Film Writers Association is organising a seminar on 'The Uniqueness of the Indian Script' on August 28-29, 2010 at FTII Pune.

The film script is the foundation of any cinematic presentation, and we use the term to include not only the story, screenplay and dialogue but music, song and dance, emotional impulses and likely mis-en-scene as well. In short, the term script is used in its broadest sense to include all aspects of film form and content. Conceived as a series of talks and panel discussions with scholars, academics and practitioners, the seminar will broadly make the journey of the Indian film from its genesis to its current phase. We hope to examine the early form of Indian cinema and its major influences; and delineate its broad journey, with various distinct phases and an examination of the contribution of certain individuals who have made indelible marks on the Indian script. Music (song and dance) and Melodrama are two distinctive features of Indian cinema that we will dwell on. An inquiry into current trends (1995-2010) will be followed by a discussion on what the future holds for the Indian film script.

We expect the audience to be made up of screenwriting students, aspiring screenwriters, practising screenwriters, young directors and other film people. The general interaction should be vigorous and insightful.

Please find attached the concept note, the time table of the seminar and a brief framework for each session with a list of speakers.

FTII-FWA events are usually very well attended so if you're interested in attending this seminar, it would help if you can reach the venue and
register yourself by 9.30 AM.


Warm regards.

Anjum Rajabali

Seminar Chart

Day/ Time Sessions Chairperson Speakers Panelists
28th Aug 2010

Session 1
How it all Began: Genesis of and Influences on the Early Indian Script Adoor Gopalkrishnan Shama Zaidi
Kaushik Bhaumik
Virchand Dharamsey,
Suresh Chabria,
Atul Tiwari
28th Aug 2010

Session 2
Dramatic Highs: Melodrama and our Cinematic Form Salim Khan Ira Bhaskar

Christine Gledhill,
Ravi Vasudevan,
Kamlesh Pandey
28th Aug 2010

Session 3
A Song and Dance About Everything: Music, Song and Lyrics in the Script Javed Akhtar Vinay Shukla Madan Gopal Singh,
Swanand Kirkire,
29th Aug 2010

Session 4
Anger and Rebellion: The New Wave Cinema and the Angry Young Man’s evolution Govind Nihalani Rashmi Doraiswamy

Ashish Rajadhyaksha
Kundan Shah,
Saeed Mirza,
Jahnu Barua.
29th Aug 2010

Session 5
Urban Foibles and a New Individualism: Current Trends in Indian Scriptwriting 1995-2010 Anurag Basu

Ranjani Mazumdar Rensil D’Silva,
John Mathhew Matthan,
Bhawana Somaaya
29th Aug 2010

Session 6
2:30- 4:30pm
The Road Ahead: Globalism, the Digital Revolution and Other Attractions Kamal Hassan (Round Table) Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra,
Paresh Mokashi,
Rohan Sippy,
Navdeep Singh,
Anuvab Pal,
Vivek Agnihotri,
Satish Manwar,
Abhishek Sharma,
Vikramaditya Motwane.


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